298H Seminars - Spring 2018

Honors in London


No.:  **** Section: 001 6:00-8:45pm, Tuesdays
NRC 1105 Burnett & Schlange ACE 9

This week-long education abroad experience, designed for Honors students, is part of a three-credit hour spring 2018 Honors course. We will study the history of London from ancient times to present, using the city’s landmarks, museums, culture, and history as our primary “text.” We will be joined by guest faculty experts and undertake our own research. Through the class, we will become experts on London during different eras. Then, using our new expertise, we will work together to determine the final trip itinerary. Full details available in MyWorld at educationabroad.unl.edu. Please contact Tamy Burnett or Jacob Schlange with questions. 

Deadline to apply for the trip is Nov. 1 in MyWorld

Stage Warriors


No.:  **** Section: 007 2:00-4:15pm, Tuesdays
NRC 2109 Dr. Sarah Imes-Borden ACE 7 or 9

What makes someone perform onstage even when that performance endangers her livelihood, her family, her personal safety or her life? Why does that danger exist? What is she doing and why is it threatening? This class is a comprehensive look at real women who participated in interviews to answer these questions. We’ll also examine the political and social structures of culture and why feminism or theatre can be “dangerous.” Students will then look closely at a non-US culture to find an example of a woman or women who are doing cutting-edge or dangerous work.