Co-Curricular Support for Honors Faculty

Honors faculty may apply for financial support towards materials and activities in connection 189H, 298H, or 395H Honors seminars. Funding is intended for the purpose of enhancing students' experience in an Honors course. We are especially interested in providing support for Honors faculty who extend the classroom by providing additional out-of-class experiences to students.

Financial support for each course typically extends up to $300. There is, however, some room for flexibility - especially in connection with courses that feature notable experiential learning opportunities. If granted, funding must be spent before the end of the semester in which the course is being taught. Generally, faculty who receive this funding will be reimbursed for the approved expenses upon submission of appropriate receipts. 

The Honors Program is always looking for engaging and innovative experiences to share in promotional materials. If you were to receive funds, may we share information and/or images from your students' experience? *