Senior Project

The Honors Senior Project (sometimes called a thesis) is the culmination of your work as an undergraduate Honors student. This is an extended project that utilizes the skills and knowledge you have gained during your undergraduate education to demonstrate your ability to be an active, engaged, scholarly citizen. This project may take a variety of formats, depending on your major/college, your future goals, and your interests.

In four colleges (Arts & Sciences, CASNR, Hixon-Lied Fine & Performing Arts, and Journalism and Mass Communications), students may also submit a thesis to the college as part of the process of earning a level of distinction. Submitting to both Honors and your college will require two sets of paperwork, may impact which project option you choose, and may require you to meet earlier due dates than the Honors Program's. Consult the Colleges' pages for full details.

For a select few majors, an Honors version of the major capstone is available. The work from this course may be submitted to fulfill the Senior Project Requirement. More details below.

Electronic Form Submission Option for August 2022 Graduates:

As always, the final, approved version of your Senior Project should be submitted to the digital commons, following the directions and details outlined in our Formatting and Submission Guide. The Senior Project Evaluation Form or the Honors Capstone Anticipated Completion Form (for MNGT 475H, Raikes Design Studio, and similar Honors capstones) may be submitted in person in the Honors Office in Knoll 213, M-F, 8:30-5 or submitted online.

If obtaining signatures from approving faculty mentors is made difficult by COVID measures, faculty may email their approval and evaluation rating to Tamy Burnett ( in lieu of signing. In such cases, students still need to submit the Evaluation form with all fields completed EXCEPT the faculty signature and the project evaluation rating.

Honors Senior Project
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Senior Project Forms

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Types of Senior Projects


Research Thesis

In the traditional research thesis, the student conducts research appropriate to their field of study and writes a paper. This option is most popular for students applying to professional or graduate schools, or those entering professions where traditional research is a key skill set. Expected scope will vary by discipline, but it exceeds a regular undergraduate research paper or class project. It may build on research like UCARE or a non-Honors capstone project.


Applied Knowledge Project

Students create a real-world output that demonstrates synthesis and application of learning, usually in the major. Examples include creating a resource (videos, website); writing a curriculum; compiling a themed cookbook; or similar. The project is accompanied by a written explanation of the output and situating it within discipline-appropriate research. Scope varies by discipline, but it should represent a substantial investment of time and intellectual energy.


Creative Project

A creative project involves research and creative output in a relevant discipline, usually in the fine arts, such as a recital or art show. The output is accompanied by a written explanation of the output and situating it within contexts of various artistic styles or movements. Expected scope of the creative project will vary by discipline, but it exceeds a senior show or recital expected of every graduating major in the field.


Community-Based Project

A community-based project involves creating or doing something in the community or aimed at contributing to civic life. The creative output is accompanied by a written explanation of the output and situating it within contexts of the civic society and community engagement, as well as relevant academic disciplines. Project scope should represent a substantial investment of time and intellectual energy.


Approved Honors Capstone Course Project

A few majors offer an Honors version of their capstone course for which the major project of the course can be submitted to the University Honors Program to fulfill the senior project requirement. These include and are limited to:

  • CIVE 489H for Civil & Environmental Engineering majors
  • MNGT 475H for all College of Business majors
  • Raikes Design Studio for Raikes students and associates (either junior or senior level)

Please note that student pursuing this option will need to submit the Honors Capstone Intention form at the time the Prospectus is due, and an Honors Capstone Anticipated Completion form at the time senior projects are normally due.

Any other scenarios involving capstone course work must receive pre-approval from the Honors Program.

Note: Colleges generally do not accept capstone projects for Distinction Theses. See your College's information for details.


The Honors Senior Project is a long-term project that will require you to plan ahead. The average student spends at least a year from project inception to completion, although you may certainly invest more time and some projects can be successfully completed in a little less than a year.

Here is a sample timeline for most senior projects:

Graduation timeline

Learn More About the Senior Project Timeline

Future Dates by Expected Graduation Term

Graduation TermProspectus DueProject Due
Dec. 2021 Oct. 26, 2020 Oct. 25, 2021
May 2022 Mar. 15, 2021 Mar. 14, 2022
Aug. 2022 July 12, 2021 July 15, 2022
Dec. 2022 Oct. 25, 2021 Oct. 19, 2022
May 2023 Mar. 14, 2022 Mar. 6, 2023
Aug. 2023 July 15, 2022 July 14, 2023
Dec. 2023 Oct. 19, 2022 Oct. 18, 2023

The only standing exception to the above timeline applies to students submitting the course project from an approved Honors capstone course (Raikes, Business, CIVE, and CSCE/SOFT majors).

  1. These students should submit the capstone-specific prospectus and evaluation form at the Prospectus and Project deadlines above.
  2. If the capstone is taken before the final semester, the regular project submission due date applies.
  3. If the capstone is being taken during the student's final semester, the project itself needs to be approved by the course instructor and uploaded to either the Honors Public or Private (Embargoed) Digital Commons Archive no later than Tuesday of finals week (unless earlier submission is required by the course).

Other exceptions to this timeline are extremely rare, as the timeline is set in conjunction with other campus processes related to graduation and commencement. If you believe you have a truly exceptional situation that might warrant a timeline exception, please contact the Honors Office as early as possible to discuss.

Enrolling in Thesis Hours

The Honors Program does not require students to enroll in any specific courses or credit hours in order to complete the Senior Project. However, students may enroll in an appropriate UHON 99H (usually "research") for one term, or, with approval from the faculty mentors supervising the project, students may choose to enroll in independent study hours to work on the Senior Project. Generally these hours are numbered 399H or 499H in the major, and students should contact their major department for permission to enroll.

The Hixon-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts or the College of Journalism and Mass Communications expects students who are submitting their senior project to both the college and the Honors Program to enroll in 3 credits of a major-based 499H, usually divided over the final two semesters. See your college advisor for permission.

For those students whose major does not offer 399H/499H hours or who are working on a project outside their major, UHON 499H is available. This class may be taken for 1-6 hours (and no more than 6 hours total per degree). Generally students enroll in 1-3 hours in any one term.

Request to Enroll in UHON 499H (Optional)