Thesis/Senior Project Prospectus


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This form is due during a student's 6th semester, usually one year before date of graduation. Students who plan to take more than eight semesters (four years) to graduate are still required to submit this form in the 6th semester. See the Honors Program website for current dates each semester.

To complete this form, students will need to provide a brief overview of the planned thesis/senior project, a timeline for completion, and contact information for the student and her/his faculty mentor (sometimes also called a thesis/senior project advisor). Students MUST receive agreement to the project and timeline from the faculty mentor before submitting this form. The faculty mentor will be contacted to confirm this information and her/his willingness to supervise the thesis or senior project.

Please see the Honors Program website for more information, including resources to help you get started on the thesis/senior project. If you have questions about the thesis/senior project, please contact Dr. Patrice McMahon or Dr. Tamy Burnett in the Honors Program office.

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