Request to Enroll in UHON 499H


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Students in the process of completing their Honors Senior Project may enroll in independent study Honors hours to work on their project. Here's how such hours work:

  • In most cases, these hours will be through their major (usually a course numbered 399H or 499H). Students should contact their major advisor or department for permission to enroll. 
  • If this opportunitiy is not available in the student's major or the student's project is outside the major, students may enroll in UHON 499H.
  • Enrollment in UHON 499H requires approval from the faculty mentor supervising the senior project work and a permisson code from Honors (requested through this form). Faculty mentors will be contacted by Honors at the end of the semester about what grade the student should be awarded for their work in the term.
  • To count for Honors credit, UHON 499H must be taken for a grade (not pass/no pass). Likewise, unless there are extenuating circumstances in line with the University's policies about incomplete grades for undergraduates, a grade will be awarded for the work completed in the term of enrollment, even if the senior project is not yet complete. 
  • Students may choose to enroll in 1-6 hours in a given term, although it is most common for students to enroll in a maximum of 3 hours in one semester.
  • No more than 6 hours of UHON 499H can count towards a student's degree. 
  • Students may not enroll in UHON 499H while simultaneously enrolled in a department-based 399H or 499H. 
  • Students may not enroll in both UHON 499H (or other 399H/499H) while also enrolled in UHON 99H: Honors Experience for the same project.