Frequently Asked Questions

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I forgot to turn in my Honors Course Contract, Honors Experience Pre-Approval Form, or my Thesis/Senior Project Proposal on time. Can I still submit it?

Yes, these documents will be accepted late, within reason. Course contract forms, for example, are not accepted after the course has finished. Thesis/Senior Project Proposal forms will not be accepted if you are within a month of graduation. Please note that late forms may result in the loss of your textbook scholarship, so it is advisable to turn the forms in on time.

I don’t remember if I submitted an Honors Program form (e.g.: Course Contract, Thesis/Senior Proposal, Honors Experiences, etc.), or I want to double check what information I provided on the form. How can I see what I submitted?

When you submit a form, you are automatically emailed a copy of the information, as is any relevant faculty member whose email you provided on the form (e.g.: the instructor for a course you are contracting). You may also always check information you have submitted, by following these directions.

I am studying abroad; how can I submit my Honors Experience or Honors Thesis/Senior Project forms?

These forms can be submitted online. If you cannot submit them during your time abroad, you may email the Honors Program office requesting an extension.

How do I check my standing in the Honors Program to make sure I am meeting the requirements?

First, check basic requirements:
  • Do you have a minimum cumulative GPA is a 3.5 or above?
  • Have you completed the required number of Honors hours with grade of B or better (6 hours minimum each first and second years, with 15 total hours minimum during first and second year; 3 hours minimum each third and fourth year, with a 9 total hours minimum during third and fourth years)?
  • Have you met University standards for enrollment (12 hours, 9 of which are graded rather than pass/no pass during each fall and spring semester)?
  • Second, make sure you have turned in appropriate Honors Program forms:
  • Thesis/Senior Project Prospectus by the 6th semester
  • Appropriate thesis/senior project paperwork during your final semester
If you would like help checking your Honors hours or paperwork, please come to the Honors Program Office in room 118 in Neihardt.

I am graduating early/late; what do I do?

If you are graduating EARLY and would like to graduate from the Honors Program, you must fulfill all graduation requirements (24 Honors hours, a 3.5 cumulative GPA or above, and an Honors thesis/senior project) by the time you graduate. The thesis/senior project and all final semester paperwork related to it are due the semester you wish to graduate. Other paperwork, such as the Thesis/Senior Project Proposal, can be turned in according to the original timeline.
If you are graduating LATE and would like to graduate from the Honors program, you must fulfill all graduation requirements (24 Honors hours, a 3.5 cumulative GPA or above, and an Honors thesis/senior project) by the time you graduate. The thesis/senior project and all final semester paperwork related to it are due the semester you wish to graduate. Other paperwork, such as the Thesis/Senior Project Proposal, should be turned in according to the original timeline. If you are interested in an extension to turn in your Thesis/Senior Project proposal late, you must meet with an Honors Program faculty member for special permission. Please stop by the Honors Program Office, 118 Neihardt or e-mail the office at

If I lose my textbook scholarship, am I removed from the Honors Program? Can the scholarship be reinstated if I return to good standing in the Honors Program?

If you lose your textbook scholarship you are absolutely still welcome in the Honors program. While loss of the textbook scholarship is regrettable, students who lose the scholarship are still considered members of the Honors Program and may still graduate with Honors, provided they meet all requirements. We encourage you to work to return to good standing within the program.
Unfortunately, once the textbook scholarship is lost, it cannot be reinstated.

I received notice that I will lose my textbook scholarship, but I believe this is an error; what should I do?

Contact the Honors Program main office at or (402) 472-5425.

What happens if I fail to meet the minimum number of Honors hours or my GPA drops below 3.5 in a given year?

You may lose your textbook scholarship. However, so long as you complete 24 Honors hours with a grade of B or better and have an overall 3.5 cumulative GPA by the time you graduate, you may still graduate from the Honors Program.
Please remember that the textbook scholarships requires a CUMULATIVE GPA of 3.5. If your semester GPA is below 3.5, but your cumulative GPA is 3.5 or above, your scholarship will not be impacted.


What is the relationship between my major advisor and Honors advising?

Honors Advising is a complement to your major advising. You should plan to meet with your major advisor each semester. However, please be aware that your major advisor may not be fully aware of all Honors requirements, and it is your responsibility to ensure you are fulfilling all Honors requirements on time. The Honors Program faculty are available throughout the year to help students plan for meeting Honors requirements and for integrating important co-curricular experiences like research and education abroad into a 4-year plan.

What do I do if I wish to leave the Honors Program?

You will need to complete a brief exit survey. Contact the Honors Program office in 118 Neihardt or for the survey.

Earning Honors Credit

How do I obtain a permission code for an Honors-designated course, if required?

Permission codes for most UHON courses or MNGT 475H may be obtained from the Honors Office in 118 Neihardt or by emailing Permission codes for UHON 499H may be obtained by emailing Dr. Tamy Burnett. Permission codes for courses in other departments (e.g.: CHEM, MATH, etc.) can be obtained from the department. Check with the department’s main office, advising center, or the faculty member teaching the course.

How do I contract a course for Honors credit?

You will need to speak with your professor to obtain her/his agreement that you may contract the course and to discuss what your will do to earn Honors credit. You should have some ideas or suggestions prepared when you approach your professor. Once the two of you reach an agreement, you will need to submit the online Honors Contract form, and your professor will be contacted to confirm agreement. Contracts are due no later than the 6th week of the semester. Contracting summer courses is not recommended, but if you choose to do so, the contracts are due the 1st week of the session.

How do I register for a UHON 395H course?

Enrollment in these courses will follow regular University enrollment procedures and occur on a first-come, first-served basis in accordance with your assigned priority registration times.

How do I register for a UHON 395H course if I’m studying abroad?

If you are out of the country, you may email the Honors Program Office at with your Name and NUID.

Can I contract an online course?

No, online classes are not eligible for contracting for Honors credit.

Can I contract a study abroad course?

No, contracted classes must be offered through UNL.

Thesis/Senior Project

When should I start working on my thesis or senior project?

It’s never too early to start thinking about what kind of project you’d like to do! Many students get involved in research during their sophomore or junior year. The prospectus is due by the end of a student’s 6th semester, regardless of whether the student plans to graduate the following year. Students who plan to graduate earlier than 8 semesters may submit the prospectus earlier than the 6th semester. The thesis/senior project will need to be completed about half-way through the student’s final semester. Many students create a timeline for completing their theses/senior projects by working backwards from when they plan to graduate. For example, a student planning to graduate in May might identify March as the thesis completion date, January-March as the time for revisions, August-December as the time for drafting the thesis/senior project, and May-August as the time for doing research, reading, or other initial work for the thesis/senior project.

How do I get involved in research?

There are many ways to get involved with research as an undergraduate student. Each year, many students participate in UNL’s Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experience (UCARE) program. Other students simply reach out to professors engaged in research in which the student is interested and ask about lab openings; many lab opportunities at UNL are paid positions. Contact Dr. Gwen Bachman, Dr. Laura Damuth, Dr. Tamy Burnett, or the Honors Liaison in your college for help in finding research opportunities.

Who should I contact with Honors Thesis/Senior Project Questions?

Please feel free to contact Dr. Gwen Bachman, Dr. Tamy Burnett, or Jacob Schlange with questions about the Honors Thesis or Senior Project.

How do I find a thesis/senior project mentor (a faculty member to guide my thesis or senior project)?

You may ask any full-time, permanent UNL faculty member to serve as your thesis/senior project mentor. Generally this faculty member will be in your major field of study (and this is usually required if you intend to use the thesis to graduate with distinction), but they may be in your minor or someone you have worked with through elective classes. The faculty mentor’s academic area should match the topic of your thesis/senior project. We recommend students first think about faculty with whom they already have a positive relationship, through classes or student organizations.
Some students will have a second co-mentor. Possible reasons for this include a topic that spans multiple disciplines, research conducted with faculty outside of UNL (for example: UNMC), or co-mentors are required by the student’s college if using the thesis to graduate with distinction.
If you are completing your Thesis/Senior Project through a Capstone project attached to a course and you do not yet know who the instructor will be (e.g.: MGNT 475H), you will be instructed to put Dr. Tamy Burnett’s email address,, as the thesis mentor contact email on your Thesis/Senior Project Prospectus form.

How do I receive credit hours (which are Honors hours) for my thesis/senior project?

You may take thesis hours while working on your thesis/senior project. Each student may earn up to 6 such hours, which count as Honors hours.
In many departments, you may take thesis hours as either 399H or 499H. Check with your thesis/senior project mentor or your academic advisor about this possibility. You will likely need to obtain a permission code to register for these hours.
If your major department does not offer this option, you can take UHON 499H. Dr. Burnett can issue you a permission code to register, but your thesis/senior project faculty mentor will need to email her ( indicating that s/he is willing to provide a grade for the credit hours.