Global Dialogues

Global Dialogues

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Honors Global Dialogues encourage authentic experiences at home or abroad. Whether you travel overseas or participate in a program in the United States, you’ll be learning about what shapes the people, places, and events of our world. Faculty-led programs range from one week to one month, but the impact will last your whole life.

Winnipeg, Canada | Investigating Human Rights and Building Capacity for Advocacy | Dr. Christine Haney Douglass | May 10-17, 2020

This experiential course will immerse students in a global discussion of human rights through lectures, readings, international dialogue, and travel to Winnipeg, Canada. Prior to travel, Honors students will connect with students from the University of Winnipeg to begin a dialogue on human rights, as well as Canadian culture. We will then travel to Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada where we will engage with international human rights scholars at the University of Winnipeg and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. We will also take a special field trip to the Fisher River Cree Nation reserve. Throughout the trip, students will observe Canadian efforts to acknowledge and promote human rights, discuss past approaches (both successful and disastrous), and apply this information to other global human rights issues happening today, including here in the U.S. Apply at

Krakow, Poland | From the Heartland to the Heart of Europe: Challenges to Security and Democracy | Dr. Patrice McMahon & Dr. Tyler White | May 12-June 10, 2020

This global dialogue starts off with an overview of Polish history, from its divisions in the early 1900s, to what happened during World War II, to the country’s experience under communist rule. In order to understand both what happened in Poland and how historical influences have shaped current events, students will have numerous opportunities to engage in discussions, field trips, and conversations with Polish academics and Jagiellonian University/international students. In the last two weeks of the class, students will consider Poland’s role in Europe and broader global challenges to security and democracy both at home and abroad. The goal of this Honors Dialogue is to provide you with an intense learning experience focused on historical and contemporary challenges to security and democracy, as well as the opportunity to learn from international scholars and peers. Apply at

Washington, D.C. | Freedom of Expression in Contentious Times | Dr. John Bender & Jacob Schlange | Spring Break 2020

Visit our nation’s capital as part of an exciting 189H seminar opportunity! Spend the semester learning about the history and application of freedom of expression in the United States, exploring issues like: high school and campus freedom of expression; political expression and national security; surveillance and free expression; hate speech; campaign finance; and the impact of the internet on free expression. During spring break, travel with your classmates to Washington, D.C. to experience first-hand some of the places that have shaped the history of freedom of expression, including the Supreme Court, U.S. Capitol, National Archives, and more! Apply at

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