Fund Your Experience

Honors Experience Awards |  2019

The Dr. Patrice Berger Student Experience Fund provides financial support to Honors Students participating in opportunities for intellectual and academic growth. Opportunities such as unpaid internships, attending conferences, or costs associated with the senior project are given priority, but other opportunities such as study abroad, service work, and off-campus research will also be considered.   

  • Funding per application will range up to $1500.
  • The number of awards will vary with the projects identified for funding. 

Application Due Dates – to be used in the Fall, Spring, and Summer as noted below.

August 15; for use in Fall semester

December 1; for use in Spring semester

April 1; for use in Summer

Awards are usually granted within one month of the application due date. Funds may take longer for disbursement.


  • Undergraduate students in good standing in the University Honors Program
  • The award will focus on supporting
    • unfunded internships
    • travel to a discipline-focused national or regional conference with priority given to students presenting at a conference
    • travel associated with an Honors Experience (registration in 99H required)
    • costs associated with completing an Honors Senior Project
  • The following requests are unlikely to be funded
    • meals
    • funding that could otherwise be covered by UCARE, or equipment and supplies that a faculty sponsor can normally be expected to supply
    • Priority will be given to students who have not received funding previously.

Students can submit only one application per award period but applications outside the award period may be considered as funds allow.  

Please arrange for a letter of recommendation from a faculty mentor or project advisor who can speak to the significance of the opportunity or experience to your development. Additionally, the letter writer should be in a position to confirm costs and the availability of alternative funding.  You may provide the email address of your recommender below.

- Start date of activity that will be funded
- End date of activity that will be funded
In the space above, please provide a brief, 1-2 paragraph description of the experience for which you are requesting partial or full support, and how it enriches your course of study. Include a location (where the opportunity will occur) and a description of how the funds requested here will contribute to this activity.
If you are asking for a contribution towards a greater total cost for an activity, please tell us what your total costs are expected to be.