Husker Afterschool Learning Opportunities (HALO)

Summer work opportunities—Nebraska hometowns!

Complete this survey to get more information on local opportunities this summer.

UNL Honors students will have an opportunity to assist with youth programming at local community sites over the course of Summer 2023 by leading clubs and working with organizations involved in youth learning initatives. 

Students will work about 120 hours throughout the summer. To fulfill an Honors requirement, students will take the 0 credit hour course which substitutes for 3 Honors hours UHON 99H (120 hours or more), they must fulfill the corresponding hours and coursework. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Honors Office:

Phone: (402)-472-5425


We want to match students with organizations in the towns/cities where they will be living, in their hometowns for example.
What is your availability this summer? Check all that apply. Required
This is non-binding, meaning when you select dates you are not committing to working then. We more want to get an idea of when students are looking for employment.
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