Spring 2018

Creativity in the Arts and the Sciences


No.:  **** Section: 001 7:00-8:30, Wednesday
NRC 1105 Dr. James Van Etten and Dr. Patrice Berger No ACE

In this course, students will be exposed to a variety of interesting subjects presented by distinguished faculty members. Since many students often enter college with a narrow vocational path in mind, we hope to expand and enrich their thoughts about life, careers, and learning. Here are a few discussion ideas that faculty will present:  1. How are both intellectual inquiry and intuition central to creative activity in the arts and in the sciences?   2. Why is it important to find a “career of heart”?  3. What experiences do they enjoy as a scientist, scholar, artist…?  4. When and why did they choose a particular discipline and career?  5. What advice do they have for students about how to enrich their university experience (for example, how to pick the best professors and the most rewarding classes)?

Here's what former students had to say about UHON 198H:

"Very few classes create a better sense of community and involvement than 198H. This class teaches life lessons in a classroom setting. The comradery with students and professors, the warm and nurturing environment mixed with some of the most knowledgeable professors on campus separated this class amongst all others. Truly the best class I have ever taken."

-Joey Lydiatt, Finance & Economics Majors

"I absolutely loved Creativity in the Arts and Sciences. It was a wonderful course that introduced me to outstanding UNL professors and different departments in the College of Arts and Sciences. Not only that, but this course introduced me to a professor who I was able to connect with and work with in the following year on a research project."

-Emily Jezewski, Biological Sciences Major

"This was one of the best classes I have ever had. Dr. Berger and Dr. Van Etten get amazing speakers and topics for this class that are engaging and fun to listen to. Due to its small size, it is a class that is easy to participate in, and its structure leads you to great discussions with the professors, speakers and the students."

-Joshua Carlson, Mechanical Engineering Major

"This course was a wonderful time spent looking at how creativity is found in all fields of research and knowledge. I really enjoyed listening to different professors as they shared their stories and experience. The class allowed me to meet professors I would likely have never gotten the chance to interact with."

-David Cao, Computer Engineering Major

"UHON 189H is a comfortable, focused environment in which students practice academic discourse with faculty and fellow students alike. As a (now) senior, I appreciate having been introduced to professors, fields and sub-disciplines I would not have encountered were it not for this class." 

-Kat Ellis, Economics Major