Propose a New Honors Seminar Course

Use this form to propose a new Honors seminar to be taught as a 189H, 298H, or 395H course. For approved courses, the Honors Program will work with your home department about identifying an opportunity to add the course to your teaching schedule in the future.

All Honors seminars are expected to meet at least one ACE outcome. To determine which level is the best fit for your course idea, please review the following:

  • 189H courses are required of all new, first-time freshmen Honors students in their first fall semester. The class is generally not offered in the spring. The class size is usually 20, and students will come from all different majors. See examples here
  • 298H courses are called "solutions seminars," and starting in the 2021-22 academic year, all second-year Honors students will be required to take a 298H seminar. The classes should be project or problem-based and interdisciplinary, multi-disciplinary, or transdisciplinary. They are capped at 40 students, and students will represent a wide variety of majors. See examples here
  • 395H courses are "deep dive seminars," in which students engage with a topic in deep and complex ways. The class size is 20. This class is required of all Honors students once they achieve junior status. It may be taken in the junior or senior year, and again, will include students from a range of majors. See examples here

If you want help with your proposal or have any questions, please contact Tamy Burnett, Honors Associate Director. 

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