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Intern Foundry: Summer 2024 Program Overview

The Intern Foundry (IF) program in Summer 2024 is a 10-week program that connects students to a diverse set of purpose-driven organizations according to their interests. This program's duration is June 3rd to August 16th, 2024 with one week off. Interns will work approximately 20 hours per week at a rate of $15 per hour, for 200 hours of work. Interns will have opportunities to meet local purpose-driven leaders and learn about their experiences and organizations in order to gain a better sense of professional identity. Interns will also participate in a 4-day, in-person job training course focused on project management led by community leaders. This training is paid, and will take place from May 28th through May 31st, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. each day. Attendance to this training is required for acceptance into the program. 

Position Descriptions

The intern will assume the role of a Bioanalytical Project Manager, overseeing an assay Method Development and Validation project. This project provides an immersive experience in understanding and managing every aspect of a laboratory project, from conceptualization to execution.

Inventory control and flow is critical in our laboratory and vaccine manufacturing business units. As it stands, the site uses a combination of inventory systems and methods of control to ensure necessary supplies are on hand at any given time for any given project. This project is to look at a small yet critical component of this broad inventory system and to improve efficiency.

Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department:
With the growing popularity of disposable e-cigarettes, communities across the U.S. are confronting a new vaping problem: how to safely get rid of millions of small, battery-powered devices that are considered hazardous waste. Help improve our local community and environment by assisting with the development and implementation of vape device disposal program and community education campaign. 

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Nebraska:
The intern will focus on becoming an expert in NAMI 360/720, the organization's database for programming and volunteers, to develop comprehensive tutorials to enhance the understanding and utilization of NAMI 360/720. The intern will also help plan an annual meeting and focus on making it more accessible through trauma-informed practices. This involves attending planning meetings, learning trauma-informed practices, and identifying opportunities to enhance accessibility.

Nebraska Department of Education:
Utilize existing data sources and school practices used in schools that support the health and well-being of students. This task will include developing six podcast episodes that highlight a variety of teams and offices in the NDE that support well-being efforts as well as contacting exemplar school districts to schedule interviews to highlight best practices in communities across Nebraska.

Broad Program Goals

Organizational Capacity: Increase capacity and infrastructure support for nonprofit and purpose driven organizations serving Lincoln, Nebraska and elsewhere.

  • Student Learning: Introduce students to the value of nonprofit and purpose driven work in Lincoln, Nebraska and elsewhere through vetted quality individual and team projects and experiences.
  • Systems Approach: Collaboratively build a strong system to effectively connect and support the partnership between nonprofit/purpose driven industries and higher education/students.

Student Benefits

  • $15/hour x 20 hours per week

  • Project management training

  • Purpose-driven work

  • Networking with community leaders

  • Resumé building

  • Flexible work schedule, with in-person and remote work

  • 24-hour access to Foundry workspace, including access to meeting/brainstorming/conference rooms

  • Dedicated desk