Honors Tracks Application


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Honors Program students in their second year * may apply to an Honors Track, as a way to focus their Honors education during their third and fourth years at UNL. These tracks offer a small cohort experience with a thematic focus and incorporate specialized course and experiential learning opportunities

Each track will be comprised of up to 20 students and all students in a track will complete specific curricular requirements. Full details can be found here, but in general these requirements will include:

  • the option of a track-relevant UHON 395H (options provided for each track; if appropriate, students may also take another 395H instead (for example, to fulfill a specific ACE)). 
  • an experiential learning experience (UHON 99H), for which students will earn Honors hours
  • 3 one-credit courses (UHON 301H, 302H, and 401H) designed to facilitate students' cohort experience in the track, as well as support students' track-based experiential learning and Honors senior project (one each semester third year and first semester fourth year)
  • an additional 3 Honors hours chosen in consultation with the students' track faculty lead

Additionally, the Honors senior project for students in a track may be related to that track's theme. 

*Any student with four full semesters remaining until graduation after the semester of application are eligible to apply (i.e.: a third year student on a five-year plan may apply). 

Tracks Themes:

All tracks are open to Honors students of any major, although the student must be able to accommodate the required coursework of UHON 301H, 302H, and 401H (1 credit each) in their schedule. While students may apply to be considered for multiple tracks, students are strongly encouraged to choose only one track to apply to, in order to make their application as effective as possible. 

The options are:

  • Civic Leaders Track: This cohort track is ideal for students from any discipline who are interested in public service, civic, non-profit, or government work. The Civic Leaders Track emphasizes developing skills related to intercultural dialogue and serving a variety of community populations. Experiential learning for this track will include a community-based internship or similar work experience.
  • Environmental Stewards Track: This cohort track is designed for students from all disciplines who are interested in issues of sustainability and environmental stewardship. The Environmental Stewards Track emphasizes addressing environmental issues through green design and sustainable processes. Experiential learning for this track will include either a relevant internship or research experience.
  • Future Healers Pre-Health Track: This cohort track focuses on providing real-world leading experiences by increasing individual capacity for understanding in healthcare-related fields. Future Healers will have opportunities to enhance their understanding of work in health-related fields, engage in leadership roles related to UNL pre-health activities and opportuniteis, and receive support with their professional school applications. 
  • World Leaders Track: This cohort track focuses on globalization and international perspectives and is open to students in any field of study. The World Leaders Track emphasizes developing global competencies and solving problems with both global and local implications. Experiential learning for this track will include an Honors Global Dialogue or other approved globally infused experience.  


Application requires completing this form, including:

  • a 350-500 word essay addressing the question: "How do the experiences and opportunities of this track support your personal and professional goals?"
  • a 350-500 word essay addressing the question: "What experiences have prepared you to be an active and engaged participant in this Honors Track specifically?"
  • a resume highlighting relevant academic, work, and leadership experiences


The priority deadline is March 14, 2021. Applications will be accepted after that on a rolling basis, if space allows. 

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