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Students may receive 3 Honors hours for a qualified, pre-approved, co-curricular Honors Experience from the following categories:

  • Education Abroad experiences for which a student is earning at least 3 credit hours. (Any Honors hours for Education Abroad experiences prior to Summer 2016 are still valid. An Education Abroad experience occurring Summer 2016 or later must be pre-approved via the Honors Experience pre-approval form.)
  • Undergraduate research/creative activity for a period of one academic semester or summer in an approved setting on campus, or a documented formal off-campus research experience. Note: when possible, we encourage you to enroll in already available courses (usually a 299H, 399H, or 499H class) to earn credit towards graduation for on-campus research experiences. Whether the research is associated with a for credit class or not, the time commitment for this Honors Experience must be at least 120 hours over the course of the semester.
  • Internships in a student’s professional field lasting a minimum of 6 weeks to a semester, for a minimum of 120 hours over the course of the internship.
  • Civic Engagement projects requiring a minimum investment of 120 hours in a semester. These are substantial projects outside of an RSO (Recognized Student Organization) volunteer experience in which the student is engaged off- campus with a community agency or in which the student has taken significant leadership initiative.
  • Teaching & Mentoring experiences requiring at least 120 hours in the semester. This needs to be through some kind of formal program like student teaching, Teammates, etc.

In order to apply such experiences towards a student’s required Honors hours, students must:

  • Submit a pre-approval form at least 4 weeks prior to the start of the experience along with the appropriate documentation to confirm your participation.
  • Register for UHON 99H during the term of your experience in one of these categories: Study Abroad, Research, Internship, or Civic Engagement. You will be provided with specifics on the UHON 99H section when/if your experience is approved. You should be aware that 99H will be recorded as a 0 credit course on your schedule; it will not count towards the minimum needed for full time student standing but will be counted towards Honors hour requirements.
  • Complete and submit a 500-600 word reflection mid-way through the experience; complete and submit a 1200-1500 word final reflection at the end of the term. (Exact dates will be determined by the Honors Program based on your dates of involvement.)

Restrictions and Limitations:

  • Students are unlimited in the number of Honors Experiences they may have, but it is preferred that those experiences not all come from the same category. For example, you can have two, separate study abroad experiences, and each may count for 3 Honors hours.
  • Any Honors experience covered by an Honors contract or by a 399H/499H course are not eligible for additional 99H credit. Also ineligible are any courses taken at other U.S. institutions.
  • Hours earned in the summer count FORWARD in regards to total Honors hours required during each year for scholarship purposes.

For more information about earning Honors credit for Honors Experiences, please contact Honors Program faculty.

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