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UHON 99H: Honors Experiences

Add intentionality to your experience

Madison Whitney

Learning can happen anywhere - but intentionality is crucial. The Honors Program can help you maximize your learning in co-curricular opportunities through Honors Experiences. By enrolling in UHON 99H, you'll earn 3 Honors hours for a qualified, pre-approved, experiential learning opportunity from one of the categories below.

Beyond earning Honors credit for your experience, UHON 99H will help you cultivate the skills most sought by 21st century employers: creative problem solving, meaningful communication, initiative and independence, and more. Through guided critical reflection and intentionally crafted assignments, you'll draw connections between your experience and what you're learning in the classroom, and end the course with a tangible product that showcases the value of your experience.

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Education Abroad

University-approved experiences abroad for which you earn at least 3 hours of academic credit.

UHON 99H Education Abroad Overview

See ZitaAnne Reno's final project - a guide book for future travels reflecting on her experience in Sevilla, Spain.

Watch Sydney Brun-Ozuna's final project, a video reflection on her experience in Berlin, Germany.

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Research or Creative Activity

Approved research experience with at least 120 hours per academic term.

UHON 99H Research overview

See Dilziba Kizghin's final project - a blog highlighting what she's learned during her research journey.

Listen to Hayden Barrow's final project, a podcast episode about her research experience.

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Internship or Co-op

Work-based learning lasting 6+ weeks, and a minimum of 120 hours per academic term.

UHON 99H Internship overview

Watch Aime Nishimwe's final project - a video tour of his workplace.

View Daniela Chavez's project - a PowerPoint slideshow about her internship at an Art Gallery.

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Civic Engagement

A project outside of an RSO volunteer experience in which a student is engaged with a community agency. At least 120 hours per academic term.

UHON 99H Civic Engagement overview

Read Elizabeth Park's final project - a critical reflection about her civic engagement experience.

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Teaching or Mentoring

A formal program such as student teaching or as a learning assistant, with at least 120 hours per academic term.

UHON 99H Teaching/Mentoring overview

Listen to Ryan Lampe's final project - a podcast episode featuring an interview with a fellow Learning Assistant.

Watch Olivia Taylor's final project - a video reflection about her experience as a teaching assistant for a Genetics lab.

To apply an experience towards your required Honors hours:

  • Submit a pre-approval form prior to the start of your experience along with the appropriate documentation to confirm your participation. If you encounter issues with the webform when trying to submit an experience for pre-approval, please email jschlange3@unl.edu
  • Register for UHON 99H during the term of your experience. You will be provided with specifics on how to register if/when your experience is approved. UHON 99H will be recorded as a zero-credit course on your transcript, but a passing grade will substitute as 3 Honors hours on your degree audit.
  • Complete and submit all designated canvas modules - generally, this includes 4 reflective modules, and 1 creative final project.

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