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Do you enjoy putting yourself in new positions that expand your horizons? Are you looking for a personalized, meaningful way to give back to the community? Do you have a passion you want to share with youth in Lincoln? Are you interested in developing your teaching/mentoring skills while working with students in the Lincoln Public Schools system? If so, we want you to apply NOW for a limited number of paid positions to lead an after-school club. This is an exciting partnership between Nebraska Honors, Lincoln Public Schools and Lincoln Community Learning Centers.

Organizing and leading these clubs are “hands-on, minds-on” experiences that will grow your interpersonal skill set. You will have an opportunity to meet the School Site Coordinators (SCCs) and be placed at a local school depending on your schedule. If you are chosen for this opportunity, you can expect to spend between 2 to 3 hours per week on their clubs, (which includes travel time and preparation) and receive ongoing professional support from the SCC and Honors Program staff. In addition to payment, club leaders will fulfill the Honors Program required UHON 201H course with this experience. 

You can develop your own club that builds off your passions. Examples of past club topics include:

  • Homesteading in Nebraska: Club participants explore Nebraska’s history through arts and crafts projects
  • STEM Clubs: Students explore a specific topic related to Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Math, such as wearable tech projects, to robotics, to coding or building projects.
  • Language or Culture club: Students learn the basics of a language like Chinese, Arabic, Czech, etc. or about the culture and customs of another country.
  • Healthy eating and nutrition: Club participants learn how to create healthy snacks while also having fun.
  • Music and/or Theatre clubs: Students learn skills like acting, lip-synching, dancing, drumming, rapping, etc.
  • Video making or podcasting: Club participants learn the basics of planning, creating, editing, and sharing their own videos, podcasts, or other multimedia content.

Club submissions are open.

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