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Nebraska Honors offers students many opportunities to enhance their college experience, within and outside of the classroom. The information on these pages are designed to help students make the most of these opportunities.


  • July 5
    Last day to apply for Summer Honors Experiences
  • July 15 Honors Thesis & Thesis Completion Forms for August 2020 Graduation
  • July 15 Honors Thesis Prospectus for August 2021 Graduation
  • 3-week session (May 20 - June 7)
    • May 20 - May 24: Contracts may be submitted
    • May 28: Contracts posted on or before this date; cancellation requests may begin
    • June 7: All work due; last day to cancel contract.
  • 8-week session (May 20 - July 12)
    • May 20-May 24: Contracts may be submitted
    • May 28: Contracts posted on or before this date; cancellation requests may begin
    • July 12: All work due; last day to cancel contract.
  • 1st 5-week session (June 10 - July 12)
    • June 10-June 14: Contracts may be submitted
    • June 18: Contracts posted on or before this date; cancellation requests may begin
    • July 12: All work due; last day to cancel contract.
  • 2nd 5-week session (July 15 - Aug 15)
    • July 15-July 19: Contracts may be submitted
    • July 23: Contracts posted on or before this date; cancellation requests may begin
    • Aug 15: All work due; last day to cancel contract.
  • Augst 30
    Last day to apply for Fall Honors Experiences
  • September 27
    Honors Contracts for Fall courses
  • October 28 Honors Thesis & Thesis Completion Forms for December 2019 Graduation
  • October 28 Honors Thesis Prospectus for December 2020 Graduation

Honors Workshops

The Honors Workshop series provides an opportunity to learn more about topics, skills, or opportunities that might not be covered in a typical classroom setting. Our goal is to provide workshop experiences that are engaging, interactive, and valuable. The workshops cover a variety of topics, and are mixed between content provided by Honors faculty and staff, and content provided by campus partners. From defining your personal values to crafting a personal narrative, and from managing your emotions to managing a budget, there’s a lot to be learned from attending these workshops.

Honors workshops are open to all Honors students, although students are required to attend one workshop apiece during their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th semesters with the Honors Program.

View and register for upcoming workshops

Apply for the HPSAB Scholarship


To remain in good standing in the University Honors Program, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Maintain enrollment at UNL as a full-time student (take and pass at least 12 credit hours, 9 of which are graded, each fall and spring semester)
  2. Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher
  3. Complete a minimum of 24 Honors credit hours, with a grade of B- or better, and additional annual requirements, including Undergraduate Thesis/Creative Project, in the following distribution:
Year in CollegeHonors Hours Required by YearTotal Minimum Honors Hours & Required Seminars by the End of YearAdditional Annual Requirements
First Year 6 Honors hours required 6 Honors hours, including one 189H course Successful completion of UHON 98H Peer Mentor Program.
Second Year 6 Honors hours required 12 Honors hours
Third Year 6 Honors hours required  18 Honors hours, may include 395H course Thesis/Creative Project Prospectus online form due no later than 6th semester.*
Thesis/Creative Prospectus
Fourth Year 6 Honors hours required  24 Honors hours, including one 395H course. May include 399H/499H. Research-based Thesis/Creative Project due semester of graduation.
* The Thesis/Creative Project Prospectus form is due during the 6th semester, even if a student will graduate in more than 4 years.
Note: Hours earned in the summer always count FORWARD and are included in the next year’s totals.

Printable version of Honors Requirements

Learn more about our requirements

Honors Advising

Academic Advising

Dr. Ann Koopman advises an honors student
Dr. Ann Koopmann advising a current Honors student

Careful and considered advising is central to the Honors Program at Nebraska. Every student is assigned an academic advisor in their college or major upon matriculation. Honors students also have access to the Honors advising and all Honors administrators for help with Honors requirements. Honors advising also helps with comprehensive academic planning which is planning not only for classes and degree requirements, but also for co-curricular experiences that will enhance an undergraduate experience, such as research or education abroad.

Learn more about Honors Academic Advising

Fellowship Advising

The Fellowships office is located in Love Library. Fellowship advising is available to high-ability students who will be competitive for many nationally prestigious awards. Dr. Laura Damuth, Director of National and International Fellowships (and Associate Director of the Honors Program) coaches students on applications for awards such as:

  • Fulbright scholarships to conduct research abroad or teach English abroad after graduation
  • Marshall scholarships to study at any university in the UK after graduation
  • Truman scholarships for graduate or professional school for students involved in public service
  • Goldwater scholarships for students in the STEM fields who have research experience and a desire to pursue a Ph.D.

If you are interested in pursuing any of these opportunities, please set up a time to meet with her. In some cases, she works with students for several years to help them become ready for these scholarship competitions. To make an appointment, please call (402) 472-5024 or email

Learn more about Fellowships

Dr. Laura Damuth advises an honors student
Dr. Laura Damuth working with a student on a fellowship application

Earning Honors Credit

Every Honors student is required to complete 24 hours of Honors credit by time of graduation. There are four primary ways to earn Honors Credit: Honors Seminars, Honors-designated Courses, Honors Contracted Courses, and Honors Experiences.

Learn more about earning Honors credit

Honors Thesis/Senior Project

The Honors Thesis/Senior Project is the culmination of a student’s work as an undergraduate Honors student. This is an extended project that utilizes the skills and knowledge students gain during their undergraduate education to demonstrate their ability to be active, engaged, scholarly citizens. This project may take a variety of forms, depending on one’s major/college, future goals, and interests.

Learn more about the Thesis/Senior Project

Honors student studying abroad
Samantha Lunde, graduating senior, introducing faculty mentor Emily Kazyak at annual Honors graduation reception

Honors Student Organizations

Honors Program students participate actively in a variety of organizations that allow them to develop interpersonal and leadership skills. We strongly encourage our students to seek out such opportunities, whether in student government, the university marching band, organized sports, or service on their college advisory boards. Opportunities abound; for more information, please visit the Student Involvement website.

Within the Honors Program, there are also opportunities for involvement and development of leadership and mentoring skills.

Learn more about Honors Student Organizations

Honors Housing

Honors students have many living options on campus, including the residential community in Knoll. As with all residence halls on campus, both residential Honors communities offer full amenities of wireless internet access, in-room climate control, easy access to laundry, and multiple study and social spaces, all within a secure building.

The exterior of Neihardt Hall

Knoll Residential Center is the home of the University Honors Program on campus, offering both double-bedroom and single-bedroom suites. The Knoll Honors community has many quiet study rooms and lounge spaces for socializing.  The Nebraska Honors offices are located within this building, and the majority of Honors seminars take place in classrooms located within the Knoll Residential Center.

Learn more about Knoll