201H Leadership Pre-Approval Form


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All Honors students (who are on catalog year 2020 and later) are required to complete a UHON 201H course. This zero-credit course is graded pass/no pass and is designed to help you "get your feet wet" with experiential learning. One option for fulfilling this course requirement is to pair it with a campus leadership role. Generally, we are looking for leadership roles that involve a minimum average of 3 hours per week, and allow opportunities for making a substantive impact on your peers through your leadership. There are several leadership roles we have already identified as qualifying, including:

  • Strengths Coach for the Clifton Strengths Institute
  • Wellness Coach for Big Red Resilience and Well-Being
  • Mentor for NHRI (Nebraska Human Resources Institute)
  • Resident Assistant
  • Executive Position in a Greek Chapter

To enroll, you must first submit this form and provide documentation of your acceptance into the relevant role. The Honors Program staff will review your application and, if approved, send you information on enrolling in the correct section of UHON 201H for the relevant term. 

You may only enroll in 201H for one term per leadership role (and only one enrollment per semester). Additionally, you must be enrolled during the term you are in the leadership role. Your enrollment will grant you access to a Canvas course page with further information on expectations and assignments you must complete during the semester as part of UHON 201H.