Honors Thesis/Senior Project

The Honors Thesis/Senior Project is the culmination of your work as an undergraduate Honors student. This is an extended project that utilizes the skills and knowledge you have gained during your undergraduate education to demonstrate your ability to be an active, engaged, scholarly citizen. This project may take a variety of forms, depending on your major/college, your future goals, and your interests.

Students may have the opportunity to enroll in UHON 298H: Starting Your Honors Thesis, a zero or one-credit course that demystifies the thesis process and helps students understand the steps in successful thesis planning.



In the traditional research thesis, the student conducts research appropriate to her/his field of study and writes a paper about the research’s results. This option is most popular for students applying to professional or graduate schools, those entering professions where research is a key skillset, or who find enjoyment in the intellectual challenge of inquiry, investigation, and experimentation. Expected scope of research project and length of written thesis will vary by discipline, but is generally equivalent to the work produced as a seminar project in a master’s class in that field.

Beckman Scholars, May 3, 2013

Creative Project

This option is similar to the traditional thesis, in that it involves research and a broad knowledge of the relevant discipline as the foundation for the creative project. Building upon that foundation, the students produces a creative demonstration of skill and knowledge appropriate to the field of study. This option is most popular for students in the fine or performing arts. Often the creative project is accompanied by a written document explaining the creative choices the student made and situating them within contexts of various artistic styles or movements. Expected scope of the creative project will vary by discipline, but exceeds simply an undergraduate senior show or recital.

Honors student playing piano in Neihardt

Graduating with Distinction

In some colleges, students may use their Honors thesis/senior project to earn distinction at graduation. Requirements and expectations for a thesis/senior project earning distinction vary by college and sometimes department.

FAQs about Thesis/Senior Project