Learning Objectives

UHON 99H Learning Objectives: A Closer Look

Honors Experiences are unique opportunities that allow Honors Students the ability to develop real-world skills through intentional assignments. We encourage students to complement their Honors education by enrolling in the 0-credit course, UHON 99H, for any of the six experiences we've approved. All of the sections have four similar outcomes and then one unique outcome specific to the experience. See below to how students are maximizing each of our six opportunities for the completion of their Honors hours. You may also view the rubric we use to evaluate the assignments below. Download a PDF of Honors Experiences here. Download the specific assignments for each section here.

Learning Objectives

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Problem Solving

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Initiative and Independence

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Unique Outcome

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Integrative Learning

Description Define a problem that they encountered, examine possible strategies for solving the problem, identify a course of action, and evaluate the outcomes of their chosen course of action. Identify the context and purpose of communication for the student’s experience, and apply relevant, audience-appropriate communication strategies Practice taking initiative by generating questions and independently pursuing ideas that enable them to maximize their experience.
  • Community Engagement: Civic Identity

    Develop an understanding of their own civic identity, and cultivate a sense of personal responsibility for continued commitment to civic engagement. 

  • Internship: Professional Identity - 

    Develop an understanding of their own professional identity and assess the congruence of their professional identity to their future career aspirations. 

  • Afterschool Clubs/Teaching Mentoring: Creative Thinking 
    Consider new directions or approaches and experiments by taking risks with novel methods and ideas
  • Research Section: Inquiry and Analysis 
    Organize evidence to reveal important patterns, differences, or similarities related to their field of research.
  • Education Abroad: Global Learning

    Become more informed, open-minded, and responsible global citizens, with enhanced appreciation of cultural diversity and a greater understanding of how their actions affect both local and global communities.

Connect and apply past knowledge to their current experience and identify opportunities for future application through guided reflection.

Grading Rubric 

Unsatisfactory (N)

Satisfactory (P)

Outstanding (P)

Prompt/Assignment is: poorly addressed; OR not well supported; OR poorly written/executed, OR incomplete. Please revise and resubmit

Prompt/Assignment is: adequately addressed; AND complete; AND supported by more than one example; AND well written/executed.

Prompt/Assignment is:  comprehensively addressed; AND depth is apparent; AND connections are drawn to the real world; Approach may be original/creative

Example Final Assignments 

Education Abroad Research Internship Civic Engagement Teaching/Mentoring
  • Sydney Brun-Ozuna created a video reflection on her time in Berlin, Germany. 
  • ZitaAnne Reno created a guide book for future travelers reflecting on her experience in Sevilla, Spain.
  • Joanna Walton synthesized reflections on her own experience in Berlin with a historical tour of Berlin in a thoughtfully crafted blog
  • Dilziba Kizghin created a blog highlighting what she's learned throughout her research journey.
  • Hayden Barrows recorded a podcast - complete with theme music - about her research experience. 
  • Ryan Lampe recorded a podcast episode featuring an interview with a fellow Learning Assistant.
  • Olivia Taylor created a video reflection about her experience as a Teaching Assistant for a Genetics Lab.