Seminars & Courses

Each semester we offer a variety of Honors seminars and courses, as described below:

  • *NEW* Pop-Up ClassesShort-term classes offering special Honors Opportunities. 
  • UHON 98H: Zero-credit course for certain activities and requirements. All first-year students enroll in 98H as part of the Honors Peer Mentoring program. 
  • UHON 99H: Zero-credit course through which students earn Honors Experiences. Pre-Approval must be obtained to register by completing the Honors Experience Pre-Approval Form.
  • 189H First-Year Seminars: Required of all new first-time freshman Honors Students during the first fall semester. Student enroll in this course at NSE. This course is only offered in the fall and is only open to new students.
  • UHON 198H Seminars: Special topic, low-credit courses, such as orientation for Honors On-Campus or Transfer admitted students, "Putting Yourself on Paper," "Starting Your Honors Thesis," "Peer Mentoring," and "Peer Tutoring."
  • UHON 298H Seminars: Special topics courses on a variety of subject. A student may count a maximum of 6 UHON 298H credit towards a degree.
  • UHON 395H Upperclass Seminars: All Honors Program students are required to take one 395H prior to graduation. To enroll, students must be in good standing in the Honors Program and have junior or senior standing. It is recommended that students wait until at least the third year before enrolling. This course is taught in the fall, spring, and summer terms. 
  • UHON 499H: Independent study thesis writing credit. Students may enroll for 1-6 credits and earn a maximum of 6 hours towards a degree. Contact Dr. Burnett for permission to enroll.
  • Departmentally-offered "H" courses: These are Honors sections of courses offered in a given term. Amount of credit and home department vary. 

All classes are listed in MyRed.