Honors Student Organizations

Honors Program Student Advisory Board

The Honors Program Student Advisory Board is composed of twenty-five students from a variety of backgrounds who have leadership roles in the Honors community, participate in program development and recruitment activities, and organize community social events. The Board also coordinates the annual Honors Week in the fall, designs and sells the Honors T-Shirt each year, and provides an open forum for Honors students to provide input to the Honors Program administrators.

The Honors Program Student Advisory Board holds an open forum every Wednesday from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM in 2103 Neihardt where students can listen in on the meetings and ask questions or share ideas. Comments or suggestions can also be emailed to unlhpsab@gmail.com or left in the comment box in 2100 Neihardt.

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Honors Program Student Advisory Board

Honors Ambassadors

Students selected to the Honors Ambassador program will staff events for prospective students and represent the University Honors Programs at on and off campus functions hosted by the Office of Admissions. For more information, please contact: Jacob Schlange (jschlange3@unl.edu), Coordinator of Recruitment, Communications, and Students Services for the University Honors Program.

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Honors Ambassadors

Honors Peer Mentors

During the first half of the fall semester each year, upperclass student volunteers lead group discussions with 5 to 8 first-year students once a week for an hour. During these meetings, new students learn about Honors Program requirements and culture, campus resources, and ways to get involved on campus. Additionally, peer mentors offer many tips for successfully making the most of one’s time with the Honors Program and at UNL.

First-year students sign up for their peer mentor experience during New Student Enrollment each summer. Current students may apply to be a peer mentor late each fall semester.

For information, contact Dr. Tamy Burnett.

2017-18 Honors Program Peer Mentors
Honors Program Peer Mentors

Honors Societies

There are many Honor Society options at UNL, and Nebraska Honors students have a history of involvement in all of them. All of these groups are open to students within and outside of the Honors Program; however, two of the societies — Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Eta Sigma — are advised by Honors Program core faculty.

Students who wish to apply to or are invited to join any of these societies are advised to research them to find out which one(s) best fit an individual student’s interests and commitments. Please see each society’s website for further information.