Honors Academic Advising

Students may wish to download a fillable 4-year Comprehensive Academic Plan to use when meeting with advisors. Students may also have the opportunity to enroll in UHON 298H: Charting Your Path in Honors the second semester of their first year or during their second year. This zero or one-credit course is a step-by-step guide through the Comprehensive Academic Planning process.

Additionally, the Honors Program employs experienced upperclass students who focus on increased outreach and assistance to Honors Program students. Honors Program student employees specialize in assisting students with questions about Honors Program requirements and opportunities, especially Honors Contracts (due the 6th week of fall and spring semesters and 1st week of summer sessions) and the Thesis/Senior Project Prospectus (due in the 6th semester). They also act as a good starting point for more general questions about the University and can point students in the right direction to seek more specific advising as needed.