Thesis Research

A central part for the Honors experience is your senior research project, either through independent research or by participation in creative or collaborative academic activities. The format of the project will depend on your program requirements, the traditions of your academic discipline, and the nature of the project you select.

Mentored research in all disciplines allows our students to develop research skills that enhance their professional or graduate school credentials and career opportunities. Students have described their research as the "most intellectually exciting and rewarding experience" of their college careers.

Support for undergraduate research is strong at Nebraska. The University funds research scholarships that pair faculty mentors and students in their second and third years (UCARE-Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experiences). Academic departments also sponsor internships and cooperative education programs in the business and scientific communities in the state and in the nation. The National Science Foundation supports a number of Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) sites all over the US in a variety of different University settings and in a variety of different disciplines supported by the NSF. For a complete listing, please go the NSF REU website.

Thesis Handbook