Honors Program Textbook Scholarship:

A limited number of Textbook Scholarships are awarded to first-year and transfer students for a maximum amount of $500 per year ($250 per semester - fall and spring semesters only).  The Scholarship is renewable for up to four years subject to annual review based on fulfillment of Honors requirements.  Be familiar with the Textbook Scholarship Contract.

UNL Scholarships:

Program students are also very successful in competing for many university, college, and departmental scholarships (UNL Scholarships and Financial Aid).

Prestigious National Scholarships:

Your Honors Program experience provides you with the ideal background to compete for prestigious national scholarships and awards, most of which apply to graduate work, such as the Rhodes and Marshall Scholarships for graduate study in Great Britain, the Fulbright Fellowship for international studies, the Truman Scholarship for careers in public service, and the Goldwater Scholarship for math, science, and engineering students. Honors students at Nebraska have been selected to receive these and other distinguished awards (see Recipients of Prestigious Fellowships).

You will have access to special workshops and advising opportunities that will guide you as you prepare applications for these and other notable scholarships as well as graduate and professional schools.

UNL Education Abroad Scholarship:

Christian Lieding Scholarship and Fellowship Program
• Education abroad program sponsored or approved by UNL
• Priority will be given to exchanges with Germany and German-speaking countries
• Applications from undergraduate and graduate students seeking to study in places other than
  Germany/German-speaking countries
• Minimum GPA of at least 3.25 or equivalent
• Deadlines are 1 October and 1 March
Click here for an application
• Click here for more information