Honors Courses

Honors classes are truly the heart of the Honors Program at Nebraska. They are small and interactive, thus students and faculty come to know each other well. The emphasis is on critical thinking, and they encourage you to challenge interpretations and explore issues from a variety of perspectives. Guided by experienced faculty, students often determine the direction the discussion will take.

Because Honors classes average 18 students per section, you will have the personal attention of senior faculty and noted researchers. You will select the classes you take, not only within disciplines, but also from our list of special seminars, such as "Cultural Difference and Globalization", "Art and the Search for Meaning in American Life", "The Joy of Numbers:  Stalking the Big Primes", and "Science, Skepticism, and Superstition".

All Honors students are required to take a first-year honors seminar (189H). All classes are listed in the MyRed.