Honors Program Organizations

Honors Program students participate actively in a variety of organizations that allow them to develop interpersonal and leadership skills. We strongly encourage our students to seek out such opportunities, whether in student government - where Honors students are well represented - the university marching band, organized sports or service on their college advisory boards. Opportunities abound; for more information, go to http://involved.unl.edu/.

Peer Mentoring

Upper-class student volunteers lead group discussions with 6 or 8 first-year students once a week for about an hour in the fall semester. This is a wonderful way to introduce new students to the Honors culture and campus resources. For information, contact Dr. Ann Koopmann (akoopmann1@unl.edu).

UNL Peer Mentor Booklet for Fall 2015

Peer Mentor Leaders 2012-13
Peer Mentor Leaders 2013-14

Honors Ambassadors

Selected students work with the Admissions office attending events for prospective students and representing the Program in on and off campus functions. Chad Kilpatrick (ckilpatrick2@unl.edu), Assistant Director of Admissions for Honors Recruitment, is the contact person (http://admissions.unl.edu/nebraska/student-ambassadors/honors-ambassadors.aspx).

Honors Program Student Advisory Board

The Honors Program Student Advisory Board is composed of twenty-five students from a variety of backgrounds that have leadership roles in the Honors community, participate in program development, recruitment activities, and organizing community social events. The Board also organizes the annual Honors Week in the fall, designs and sells the Honors T-Shirt each year, and provides an open forum for Honors students to provide input for the Honors Program.

Joe Farley currently serves as the Board president. The Honors Board has open forum every Wednesday from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM in Neihardt 2103 where students can listen in on the meetings and ask questions or share ideas. Comments or suggestions can also be e-mailed to unlhpsab@gmail.com or left in the comment box in Neihardt 2100. Learn more on our website at http://unlcms.unl.edu/student-involvement/honors-program-advisory/

Honors Student Advisory Board 2012-13
Honors Program Student Advisory Board 2012-13