Honors Experience Pre-Approval Form


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The Honors Program offers students the opportunity to earn Honors credit for select co-curricular experiences via substitution. Substituted credit means that you will, if approved, enroll in a zero-credit, pass/no pass course that will be counted as fulfilling 3 of your required Honors hours. Because it is zero credits, it will not count towards your major requirements, nor will it impact your GPA. Students will be limited to a maximum of 2 Honors Experiences, which fulfill requirements of a total of 6 substituted Honors hours.  The following co-curricular experiences are eligible: 

  • Education Abroad experiences for which a student is earning at least 3 credit hours (for your supervisor, you can use the person you have been working with in Education Abroad.)
  • Undergraduate research/creative activity for a period of one academic semester or summer in an approved setting on campus, or a documented formal off-campus research experience. Note: when possible, we encourage you to enroll in already available courses (usually a 299H, 399H, or 499H class) to earn credit for on-campus research experiences.
  • Internships/co-ops/practicums in a student’s professional field lasting a minimum of 6 weeks to a semester, approximately 12-30 hours/week*
  • Civic Engagement projects requiring a minimum of 50 working hours in a semester. These are substantial projects outside of an RSO volunteer experience in which the student is engaged off-campus with a community agency or in which the student has taken significant leadership initiative*

For the fall and spring academic terms, please complete a pre-approval during the standard registration periods.  Once approved, you will receive an email directing you to register for a zero-credit class (UHON 99H).  You must register for this class no later than the last day for full semester course registrations in the UNL Academic Calendar. 

For the summer term, the pre-approval form must be completed at least one month prior to the start of your experience. You will register for zero-credit class during the second 5-week summer session, again paying attention to the last day to register. Contact Dr. Damuth with any questions.

*These guidelines for the length of the experience may vary during the summer.  Check with Dr. Damuth.

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