Honors Course Contract


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Students wishing to contract a course for Honors credit are required to consult with their professor and then submit this form indicating their intent and the scope of the work they will do to earn Honors credit. If the department already offers an H-designated section of the course, students should take that section rather than contracting for Honors credit in a different section.

These are the steps to contract a class for Honors credit:

  1. Approach a professor in a non-Honors course in which you are enrolled and start the conversation about what you might do to earn Honors credit in the course. You should bring some ideas and suggestions with you to that meeting. Examples are available on the Honors Program website.
  2. Submit this contract form by the end of the 6th week of the semester (1st week of summer session classes). You MUST have a detailed conversation with the course's professor prior to submitting this form. S/he will receive a copy of what you submit and be asked to confirm her/his agreement.
    1. The contract will ask you to provide your name and contact information, your professor's name and contact information, a brief description of what you will do to earn Honors credit, and the course's name, number, section, and class number. The class number is a unique four or five-digit code attached to that specific section during a specific semester. You can find it in MyRed under your Enrollment. Please gather this information before you start this form.
  3. If you do not plan to fulfill the terms of this contract, you MUST notify the Honors Office by the 12th week of the semester. If not, the consequences will be at the professor's discretion, and may involve removal of the H designation, a reduced grade in the course, a grade of Incomplete, or another action.

Around the 10th week of the semester, contracts will be visible on your unofficial transcript, which you may access in your MyRed account. Under the course you have contracted, a subtitle "Honors Course" will appear.

Please see the Honors Program website for further information. If you have questions, please contact the main Honors Office, uhon-office@unl.edu.

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