298H Seminars-Fall 2017

Harry Potter & Social Activism


No.:  9689 Section: 001 3:30-4:45p, MW
NRC 1105 Burnett



While our muggle world has no killing curses, fearsome dementors, or evil wizards, we do unfortunately have many people who wield the darkest of dark arts—hatred, bigotry, fear, etc.—and perpetuate injustices. In this course, we will analyze the Harry Potter series for themes related to social activism and lessons for combating these dark forces, both through examples set in the series and by examining real-world activism grounded in fan culture. In addition, students in the course will raise their wands and undertake a service-learning activism project. Books will be read. Papers will be written. Social activism will be undertaken.  Will you stand against the darkness?

Spring 2018

Honors in London


No.:  **** Section: 001 6:00-8:45pm, Tuesdays
NRC 1105 Burnett & Damuth ACE 9

This week-long education abroad experience, designed for Honors students, is part of a three-credit hour spring 2018 Honors course. We will study the history of London from ancient times to present, using the city’s landmarks, museums, culture, and history as our primary “text.” We will be joined by guest faculty experts and undertake our own research. Through the class, we will become experts on London during different eras. Then, using our new expertise, we will work together to determine the final trip itinerary. Full details available in MyWorld at educationabroad.unl.edu. Please contact Dr. Damuth or Dr. Burnett if you wish to enroll in this course.  

Honors in Vietnam


No.:  **** Section: 002 6:00-8:45pm, Wednesdays
NRC 1105 Burnett & Schlange ACE 9

Vietnam is a bustling Southeast Asian country known for its gorgeous beaches, beautiful rivers, lively cities, Buddhist pagodas, and complex history which intersects with that of the United States in significant ways. This two-week trip is the conclusion of a 3-credit hour, ACE 9, Spring 2018 course designed for Honors students. We will explore the rich history and culture of Vietnam through guest faculty lectures, student research, and unforgettable first-hand experiences. Full details forthcoming in MyWorld at educationabroad.unl.edu. Please contact Dr. Tamy Burnett or Jacob Schlange if you wish to enroll in this course.