198H Seminars

Fall 2017-18

Modern Day Leadership I


No.:  9608 Section: 003 6:00-9:00p, Tu
MLH 144 Mullen

Please contact Dr. Mullen  if you have a question at 402-472-5426 or dmullen1@unl.edu

Prelaw Scholars SeminarUHON 198H

No.:  9611 Section: 032 3:30-4:20p, M
LAW ARR Warren
Please contact Tracy Warren if you have a question at 402-472-1526 or tracy.warren@unl.edu

Starting Your Honors Thesis


No.: 9704 10/23/17-
3:30-4:20p, Tu
NRC ARR Burnett

This mini-course introduces students to the thesis process and guides them through choosing a topic, finding a faculty mentor, and drafting the thesis prospectus. In the fall, this course is ideal for third year students, whose prospectuses are due in January. In the spring, this course is ideal for 2nd year students, whose want to get a jump on the thesis process.