198H Seminars

Spring 2016-17

Creativity:  Arts and Sciences


No.:  9009 Section: 001 7:00-8:30p, W
NRC 1105 Berger & Van Etten Credit:  2

Please contact Dr. Berger if you have a question at 402-472-5425 or pberger1@unl.edu

Honors on Campus


No.:  **** Section: 007 3:30-4:20p, T
TBA Damuth Credit:  0
Orientation course for current UNL students or students transferring into UNL who are newly admitted to the Honors Program. Students who are admitted and required to take this course will be sent enrollment information.

Putting Yourself on Paper


No.:  **** 1/17/17-3/7/17 3:30-4:20p, T
NRC 2109 Damuth Credit:  0 or 1

This mini course is designed to help you write a statement of purpose/personal statement, to give you the time to work on it, and to provide the feedback so that you submit your very best efforts. 

This eight-week mini course meets once a week and may be only taken for zero credit*.  It is ideal for graduating seniors, but can also be helpful for younger students as they prepare for other kinds of applications (summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs), scholarships, study abroad, etc...)

Please do not enroll unless you have something specific to write about.  Questions?  contact Dr. Laura Damuth (ldamuth1@unl.edu).

*Honors credit may be earned by speaking with Dr. Damuth about an additional project.

Starting Your Honors Thesis


No.:  25919


2:00-2:50p, Th
NRC 1105 Burnett Credit:  0

This mini-course introduces students to the thesis process and guides them through choosing a topic, finding a faculty mentor, and drafting the thesis prospectus. In the fall, this course is ideal for third year students, whose prospectuses are due in January. In the spring, this course is ideal for 2nd year students, whose want to get a jump on the thesis process.

Peer Tutoring


No.:  **** Section: *** 3:30-4:20p, Th
NRC 1105 Burnett Credit:  0 or 1
Training course for Honors Peer Tutors. If you are interested in serving as a Peer Tutor, please contact Dr. Burnett, tburnett2@unl.edu.