Honors Program Textbook Scholarship:

All students who benefit from the Honors Textbook Scholarship have the responsibility to meet the annual renewal requirements. Please review the terms of the agreement to make sure you remain eligible for the scholarship for four years.  If you have any questions you may contact Dr. Berger ( or 402-472-5425) in the Honors Program Office.

UNL Scholarships:

You are strongly encouraged to continue to apply for university and college awarded scholarships. Information is available in the UNL Scholarships and Financial Aid Office or at You should also check with your academic department to identify scholarships that may be available to students in your discipline.

Prestigious Fellowships:

Our students have been very successful in the application for prestigious fellowships such as the Rhodes, Marshall, Truman, Goldwater, Fulbright, and others. Consult the Fellowship advisor, Dr. Laura Damuth (  Dr. Damuth is located in room 118 Neihardt Residence Center.  Remember that successful students in these highly competitive scholarship competitions begin to prepare their credentials as early as their first year in college. Dr. Damuth will provide information about special workshops and advising for students preparing for these scholarship competitions (

UNL Education Abroad Scholarship:

Christian Lieding Scholarship and Fellowship Program
• Education abroad program sponsored or approved by UNL
• Priority will be given to exchanges with Germany and German-speaking countries
• Applications from undergraduate and graduate students seeking to study in places other than
  Germany/German-speaking countries
• Minimum GPA of at least 3.25 or equivalent
• Deadlines are 1 October and 1 March
Click here for an application
• Click here for more information