Contracting a Class

An Honors Contract allows you to receive Honors credit for a non-Honors class in which you are enrolled. Many students find this a good way to complete their required Honors credits.

Most faculty and departments are very willing to work with students in this endeavor. However, it is essential to remember that when you approach a faculty member to ask him/her to work with you on a contract, you are asking that person to give you a considerable amount of time and energy for which s/he receives no remuneration but the enjoyment of working with you. Having a good idea of what you might pursue, approaching the faculty member with courtesy and understanding of what you're asking, and being prompt with your contract work are essential.

Please remember you are a representative of the Honors Program, when you make these requests. Respecting the faculty member by demonstrating every possible effort and complete dedication to the process will not only make your experience better but also pave the way for future students to benefit from the opportunity as well.

Contracting Question and Answer